3 Things Never to Skip for Your Wedding

Photo by Ivan & Louise

We get it – there are some things you might want to just skip, forgo, nix on your wedding day.  And, typically, we agree with our clients on these things.  While it should be your preference and choice on what to include and what to leave out, we do think there are at least Three Things you should certainly never cut.  Here they are:

  • A fresh-flower bouquet.  We understand that budget may not allow for fresh flowers everywhere at a wedding.  However, unless there are major allergies, please invest in a beautiful, real floral option for photos, to carry down the aisle and to make you feel beautiful.  Grooms – the same goes for you and your boutonniere.
  • Written Vows.  Before you quickly disagree, listen.  We understand you may not want to recite these personal words in front of a large crowd.  That is okay!  But, taking the time to write down your promises to one another and exchanging those in some manner is so important.  This can be done privately, no cameras, on wedding day or otherwise.  But, make this a part of the day – after all, that is what it is all about.
  • Insurance.  Most formal wedding venues will demand this, and we are all for it.  However, if your venue doesn’t, that does not mean it should be left out.  The cost is minimal, it alleviates tons of worry and if something did happen (out of your control) your thousands of dollars are protected in some manner.  That matters.  It is not always the most fun conversation or thought to have while planning, but I have seen it make a difference and am a believer that you should always cover all angles when lots of dollars are exchanged.

Three simple things to not skip.  The list of items you should and could skip on the other hand….that would go on for days!

Enjoy the process and do it your way!



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Lori Solomon