BCE in 2017

Photo by Cory & Jackie

We lived it and we had the best time!  Our year was filled to the brim with incredible people that made us laugh hysterically and grow in immeasurable ways.  If you were part of our 2017 – thank you to the moon and back!

Here are 3 Things we especially loved this year…

  • Adding more corporate design clients to our calendar.  Each year we get a few more of these projects and we find ourselves wanting to grow this service even further.  So, look for that in the coming 12 months!
  • Immersing ourselves in our New York City growth.  This past year we have traveled to, worked in and created a presence in the NYC market through new relationships and initiatives.  We are back in the city in a few weeks and things are only going to get bigger and better!
  • Refocusing on what Indy has to offer our clients.  It is easy to stick with old and never look for the new.  We never want to find ourselves in this rut.  It would be bad for our business and terrible for our client’s experience during their planning.  So, in 2017 we began the pr0cess of deeply researching what Indianapolis has to offer engaged couples.  We wanted to know what is missing and how we can become involved in different and creative ways.  This is an ongoing goal for us as we enter the new year!

While all of the above sounds very “business-y”, we always want our clients and friends to know what is going on behind the scenes.  Staying bold and current is so crucial for anyone working in a creative field!

So, with 2017 almost behind us and 2018 just days away, we are toasting to a year full of more growth, more lessons and more fun!



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Lori Solomon