Behind the Scenes

As we are in our busiest time of the year – we want to share 3 things that our brides, grooms, and all clients may not know we do behind the scenes on an event day.  There is a misunderstood perception of what our jobs entail, but there is so much that happens in the background on event day in which we handle and coordinate.  Here is just a taste!

  • Fix emergencies – i.e. shuttle or limo not showing up AT ALL, dress zippers busting (happens too often), the band showing up two hours late, etc.
    • Let’s just say I have become a master seamstress. I’m also so thankful for a great group of industry friends, who are willing to step in last minute with any emergency! I can also promise you we make sure the band will be ready to go and no one will have a clue they were two hours late.

james-julia-wedding-day-340Photo by The Siners

  • Manage guest flow – our team is always working to shuffle guests to the correct areas! Whether this is finding their seats on time for the ceremony to start, filing them up the stairs to cocktail hour, helping them find their tables at the reception – we are there to help! Also, the reason you received fantastic detail shots of the room & guest tables, is because we’ve helped to keep all guests out of this area (with the help of your photographer!).
  • Set up incidentals – while managing all other details, this is a huge part of our day! Our clients always drop off items for setup, which could include toasting flutes, menus, programs, table numbers, favors, and much more! Some venues have extremely difficult loading docks, in which our team is in dresses & heels trying to push a cart up a ramp – it is definitely a funny image, but also a lot of work! Some of our days have included a team member decorating a bathroom for 45 minutes or attaching 500 clown noses to menus – we have done endless out-of-the-box setups.


Photo by Nathaniel Edmunds Photography

The list could go on and on, but I hope that gives you a fun peek into our event days!

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Lori Solomon