Wedding Planning

Planning for Family Photos

By Lori Solomon | May 8, 2018

As an Indianapolis Wedding Planner, and an NYC Wedding Planner, we see lots of families come together to celebrate on wedding days.  And, prior to the big day, are always part of the conversation when it comes to chatting about family photos. All too often, these important photos can cause stress for the family, couple […]

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Planning Your NYC Wedding

By Lori Solomon | April 7, 2018

Earlier this week, we talked about the things to consider as you plan an Indianapolis wedding.  And, why there are a ton of similarities between cities when planning an event, the NYC-area has some special considerations.  And, as an NYC Wedding Planner, it is our job to insure our couples are guided through the process […]

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Planning Your Indianapolis Wedding

By Lori Solomon | April 3, 2018

Planning a wedding, no matter where, is a process.  That process that has grown in size in the last decade.  We meet with couples each day that have a bucket full of questions about how, where and when they should marry in Indianapolis.  Some don’t live here, but have a reason to host the celebration […]

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3 Things Never to Skip for Your Wedding

By Lori Solomon | March 11, 2018

We get it – there are some things you might want to just skip, forgo, nix on your wedding day.  And, typically, we agree with our clients on these things.  While it should be your preference and choice on what to include and what to leave out, we do think there are at least Three […]

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BCE in 2017

By Lori Solomon | December 29, 2017

We lived it and we had the best time!  Our year was filled to the brim with incredible people that made us laugh hysterically and grow in immeasurable ways.  If you were part of our 2017 – thank you to the moon and back! Here are 3 Things we especially loved this year… Adding more […]

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