Destination Stresses to Avoid


Photo by Andrew Scalini

Each year we help a handful of couples plan their wedding away from our home base of Indianapolis.  After doing this for over seven years, here are Three Things we think will ease some of the anxiety and pressure for those planning a destination celebration.

  • Select a venue that makes sense all around.  You should not only love the look of the space but you should love how close it is to hotels for your guests that are traveling so far, you should love how helpful and hands-on the venue coordinator is, you should love that they truly include so much for you and make it easy all the way through, you should love the “rain plan” so that you are not upset if and when it does sprinkle.  Pick wisely and carefully – you will rest easy if you do.
  • Make time to do nothing once your plane lands.  Once wedding week hits there should be nothing left to do.  Well, if you have planned correctly, that is.  There should be built in time to relax, enjoy incoming friends and family and actually enjoy the time you have in this special place.  In order to do this – hire talented and dependable vendors that you trust entirely.  They do this for a living and they love their jobs – so go enjoy being a bride!
  • Stick with the plan.  Weather is not always going to be what you envision, especially in a place that is not “home”.  If you are happy with Plan A and Plan B, this is a non-issue and your wedding day will be flawless.  If you are not going to be happy with a rain plan, you have selected either the wrong destination or venue, period.

Weddings that take place a plane ride away should feel like a fun adventure, not a stress-filled job of getting 50 people transported around town while figuring out how to get 30 decorations to the venue and trying to get ready for the pre-wedding events at the same time.  Work carefully, in the months prior to the wedding, to craft a team of people you trust to get the job done the way you want.  Don’t put too much on yourself or your family.  And always remember that marrying your best friend is the most important part of all this.

Happy Planning! xoxo

Lori Solomon