Let’s talk Linens…

Photo by Ivan & Louise

We always tell our clients to invest in beautiful linens (aka – tablecloths, runners, napkins, etc.). We’ve included 3 reasons why, below!

  • They Complete Your Look
    • Your table linens should coordinate with each piece of decor – florals, stationery, chairs, charger plates and more. We love seeing our brides have fun playing with different linen options. Determine the color scheme you envision for your tables and work with mixing and matching those different tones. You’ll know just when you’ve picked the right combination! Oh – and we can’t stress enough how important floorlength linens are for your overall look. Trust us, they are worth the small amount added to the bottom line!  So, when your venue tells you that linens are included, be sure to ask if they reach the floor (not just 4 or 8 point!).
  • They Add Drama
    • If splurging on ALL of your linens isn’t in the budget – that’s okay! It’s easy to add drama to just your Head Table, Cake Table, Escort Card Table, or any other special displays! Consider using interesting fabrics or dramatic prints – and don’t be afraid to pick something out of your comfort zone! We loved that one of our 2017 Spring couples incorporated a chic, black sequin linen for every other guest table – such understated elegance!
Photo by Sara Ackermann
  • They Bring Texture & Depth 
    • We are suckers for fluffy linens (can you see why, below?!). There are endless options and are, again, worth it for shots like these!   Why not play around with textures that make you feel warm, romantic and special?
Photo by Cory & Jackie

All of that said, many couples are unaware there are more options available than what their venue includes or displays. Most venues have close relations with several linen companies, and we strongly encourage that you look into those options! We promise, once you receive those wedding day photos back, you will be so pleased!

As you plan the decor, we recommend thinking beyond the “obvious” things like flowers and candles.  Linens can turn things down a road that you didn’t know was open and we think it is one place couples overlook, mistakenly.  Enjoy all the fun of picking yours!

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