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Photo by Sara Ackermann Photography
Photo by Sara Ackermann Photography

Hiring a planner instantly allows you to take a deep breath about all the anxiety you have been having.  But, sometimes, clients lose sense of that calm soon after they hire this helping hand.  And that is when we see our clients begin to build their stress and anxiety up again – most of the time for no reason whatsoever.  Understanding our method of how we walk our clients through the planning process has helped them feel better and enjoy the journey instead of losing sleep over it.

Your planner knows what they are doing.  They are not forgetting something.  If they have not told you to worry about it – then you have probably created a problem in your head that does not exist.  That may sound harsh, but it is so incredibly easy to come up with roadblocks when you are trying to find them.  Your planner has seen a lot of things happen and executed more weddings and events than you have – trust that they have it all under control.

Here are 3 Things about our Planning Method that sometimes are misunderstood (but when understood, the stress level is much less!):

  1.  We create a checklist in a certain order for a distinct reason.  If we list “Secure a Florist” further down the line than you want to begin this fun piece, it is because there are steps that should happen prior so that the consultations with potential florists are not a complete waste of time.  From an inspiration board to guest counts, all of it makes a difference each step of the way.
  2. We like to make initial contact with vendors.  This is because we may have a special relationship or a deep knowledge of what they offer and can start things off on the right path.  When a client takes things in to their own hands, and completely leaves their planner out, it muddles things more than a client knows.  If a nurse and a patient talk about a prescription or diagnosis and make a determination without the DR present – I am not sure that would go over well.  Same thing here.
  3. We are doing things when you are not looking.  We are always working on your event.  Even if you don’t see it.  Just like any other profession – we work on your details continuously.  Wedding day is not the only day we are working.  We love our clients and keep their files updated and ready for anything at anytime.

Couples who have an appreciation of the help that a planner can lend will always get the most of their experience with us.  Those that think we simply come in on wedding day and tell vendors where to set up have it all wrong.  Those will be the most disappointed clients.  Those that put so much on their own shoulders, when they have paid a professional to be their planner, will also find the planning to be hard, annoying, overwhelming and not fun.

We never like seeing a couple or family upset over the planning issues!  So, we are always looking for ways to educate our clients on how, why and what we do as their coordinator.  Planning should always be fun – no matter how many details and vendors are involved!

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Lori Solomon