Outdoor Wedding No-No's

Bad Lighting.

Be sure to plan your lighting carefully for the evening.  Whether your band or DJ provides this or you work through an experienced lighting company, creating the look and setting you want will come from the light you create.  Move past the simple perimeter tent lighting and get creative!

Jammed Parking.

When you are planning, be sure to create an easy way for guests to arrive and depart the event.  Be sure to work with the city for any roadway blocks or traffic issues you foresee.  Think of the worst scenario and fix it before it could ever occur.  We love simply shuttling guests to and from another location where they park in a large area or lot.  This makes things easy and no-nonsense.

Heavy Menu.

Be careful when selecting the food for your guests if you are hosting outside.  Heat tends to lend to a lower appetite and the need for lighter, chillier bites.  Base everything around the season and expected temperatures and you will be good here.

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Lori Solomon