Pacing Yourself While Planning

Photo by Molly Connor
Photo by Molly Connor

We understand – planning is FUN!  It is something new, exciting and exhilarating!  But, we always want our clients to know that these months fly by – faster than can be explained.  So, pace yourself.  Enjoy the moments when this is not much to tackle.  Take time to just be engaged and with your sweetie.  Why rush it?  Why make such big decisions at an olympic speed?  It is not necessary, at all.  Here are 3 Things to remember in the moments after you get engaged:

  1. Be Inspired.  Take it all in including magazines, Pinterest and all those pieces of advice from your family and friends.  Even if you “know” what you want, just wait.  If you give yourself more time to really see all that is available you will ultimately feel better about your final selections.  We see this a lot – our clients will choose something and then a few months later they will find something else they like better.  That is why time matters!  No rushing!
  2. Sleep on It.  Even if you are positive, without hesitation, that you have found the perfect wedding planner, photographer, and so on, go to bed first.  Truly “sleep on it” and don’t make any on-the-spot decisions.  We promise they are not going anywhere – and if they claim they are, so be it.  Your wedding is more important than a rushed or persuaded decision!
  3. Space it out.  It will feel like you have to make all those huge decisions, selections and choices right away.  In some regard, you will want to do this (venue & photographer) and in other ways you certainly don’t need to do this.  Select two big things each month you want to tackle and manage those.  The process should never be something you zip right through.  Plus, if you space it out you will have more fun and more to look forward to each month!

Through it all, work as a team to truly embrace this short-lived time in your lives.  It will soar by and you don’t ever want to look back and regret decisions or your attitude toward the planning.  Engagement is so much fun (if you allow it to be) and a sweet moment for every couple.  From bridal showers to dress shopping, from floral selection to the vows – be patient and somber for the best results.



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