Photos to Skip

Signing the Marriage License.

Unless it is hugely important to you and you see a true use for it, skip it. We have had so many family members and bridesmaids run up to us on the wedding day screaming that the photographer is missing the “signing”. Listen. It’s not that big of a deal anymore. The photographer is likely shooting something far more important to the couple in that exact moment anyhow.

Pinterest Ideas.

Please don’t give your photographer a link to Pinterest photos you like. You have hired a professional and you better like their style or you are not going to be happy no matter what image they capture. Stop overthinking it and let your photographer be the artist.

Super Extended Family.

Take it easy when making the list of group shots you want. The more you add, the more time and the more chaos you are signing up for. Think about what is most important and edit the list as much as possible. Your photographer is a great source for this process. Your wedding day is not a photo shoot or family reunion.


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Lori Solomon