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As an Indianapolis Wedding Planner, and an NYC Wedding Planner, we see lots of families come together to celebrate on wedding days.  And, prior to the big day, are always part of the conversation when it comes to chatting about family photos.

Indianapolis Wedding Planner
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All too often, these important photos can cause stress for the family, couple & the photographer! Because each family is different and unique, it is important you prepare your photographer with information regarding specific dynamics at hand, as well as what is most important to you.  Here are 3  tips we give our couples before heading into their final photography meeting.

  • Create a List!
    • Ask your parents for 5 MUST HAVE family shots. We understand that can be difficult, but it is a great starting point! Also, take into consideration that each “shot” will take about 2+ minutes each – and that can really add up the more shots you require!
  • Give your family a heads up!
    • We love big families! However, we all know that makes it more likely for a few family members to wander off after the ceremony – or head to the bar perhaps (who can blame them?!). That said, give your family a heads up BEFORE the wedding that they are needed for a large family shot. A big group shot can also happen at the reception, so don’t feel like you have to squeeze them in after the ceremony!
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  • Don’t Overthink It!
    • Maybe we say this too much, about many things – but it’s true! Family photos can often be exhausting, and time consuming – but, of course they are important! So, keep it simple!
    • Be reasonable as well – don’t ask for 30 family shots, and expect the photographer to capture these in 5 minutes. It. is. not. possible.
Indianapolis Wedding Planner
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Listen to the advice given by your planner & photographer, they know what they are talking about! We aren’t trying to disappoint you, but we are trying to set you up for SUCCESS!



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