Planning Your Indianapolis Wedding

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Planning a wedding, no matter where, is a process.  That process that has grown in size in the last decade.  We meet with couples each day that have a bucket full of questions about how, where and when they should marry in Indianapolis.  Some don’t live here, but have a reason to host the celebration in the Circle City.  Others have landed in Indianapolis because of a job, school or some other big life moment.  No matter the reason, here are 3 Things to Remember When Planning and Indianapolis Wedding

  • Select a Date You Have Researched.  The city of Indianapolis is a very, very popular location for large conventions and other well-known midwestern events.  Be sure to talk with your planner and venue about what city-wide events are occurring on the date you are considering for your wedding.  Parking, traffic, hotel availability and more will be impacted in a way that might be extremely frustrating if you don’t plan ahead and select a date that makes sense.
  • Embrace the elements.  If you are familiar with the weather in Indiana you know there is no room for assumption.  Any day, at any time, it could drop 30 degrees or go from sun to sleet.  Of course, it isn’t always that extreme and there are a ton of beautiful days as well.  But, if you secure an outdoor venue for your wedding ceremony or reception, please don’t continue to talk about how worried you are with the weather.  There is not a soul that can control it and we always recommend loving Plan B, because the weather certainly does not always cooperate.
Custom Paper by Interprintations and Photo by Ivan & Louise
  • Go Local.  Indianapolis has some of the most talented and amazing professionals in all categories.  When you can, we recommend selecting local outlets to spotlight the greatness of the city where you are exchanging vows.  For instance, working with a local stationery studio to create all your paper pieces for the day or a local brewery for the beverages puts a fun Indy stamp on things.  Other local routes we recommend include confections, favors, calligraphy, accessories and bridal party gifts.  With all the small businesses that curate small collections, keeping it local does make it extra unique.

Indianapolis really is an amazing place to plan a wedding.  The sky is the limit when it comes to your selection of professionals, venues, food and drink.  We adore our Indy couples!

As a bonus, here are some of our favorite local Indianapolis vendors to consider as you plan:

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