Planning Your NYC Wedding

NYC Wedding Planner
Stefanie & Paulo by Asher Gardner Photography

Earlier this week, we talked about the things to consider as you plan an Indianapolis wedding.  And, why there are a ton of similarities between cities when planning an event, the NYC-area has some special considerations.  And, as an NYC Wedding Planner, it is our job to insure our couples are guided through the process with the most amount of knowledge possible to make the selections to make the day flawless!  So, let’s get this party started!  Here are 3 Things to Remember when Planning your NYC Wedding…

  • Overestimate those commute times.  Any person living in the city knows that traffic and other factors change in an instance.  So, if you are doing hair and makeup in Brooklyn and the ceremony is happening in Tribeca – well, you can imagine that you need to build in a pretty large buffer.  Don’t squeeze things in when you know good and well it is going to cause chaos.  Lean on the safe side and save yourself unneeded anxiety on such an important day.
NYC Wedding Planner
Asher Gardner Photography
  • Give explicit instructions to guests.  It is likely that a ton of guests are coming from another part of the state, country and otherwise.  So, many will not have the familiarity with such a complex city.  Addresses are easy to miss on the small streets of NYC.  So, when hosting and planning an NYC Wedding, create multiple touch points in which you explain not only where the events are happening but exact directions in which to enter the buildings and facilities.  And, if you have an NYC Wedding Planner, be sure to ask them to help guide guests throughout the day, as needed.
  • Know the laws.  In a city full of permit rules and regulations, be certain if you are using a street, park or other public place for any part of the day that you know the exact rules of the city.  Many times, nothing is needed and you are in the clear.  Other times, that simply is not the case.  A permit can be easy to obtain if done many months ahead of time.  It doesn’t have to be a road block – but always do your research or ask your NYC Wedding Planner for guidance.
NYC Wedding Planner
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NYC Weddings are some of the sweetest, funkiest, most unique in the world.  There is so much local goodness to share with your guests.  They will be able to experience things they have not before and hopefully feel the love you have for such an amazing place.  Enjoy every second of planning your NYC Wedding!



Lori Solomon