Your Planning Timeline – Do’s and Don’ts

The first thing we do with our brides is create their own custom timeline – specific to their date, location, and vision. We can’t stress enough how important a timeline is in the planning process. WeddingWire has created this super helpful “Wedding Vendor Timeline” and we just had to share it with everyone! Mostly because booking your vendors in a knowledgeable and timely manner is CRUCIAL!

Below, we’ve shared three “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of working through your wedding planning timeline!


  • Plan Ahead – be ahead of the game and book your favorites before someone else does!
  • Research! – check reviews, look through examples of their work and be sure you are understand their brand and what they offer.
  • Meet with options! – pick your top two and meet with both, just so you feel completely comfortable with your decision and you aren’t left thinking “What If?!”


  • Wait until the last minute! – before you know it, your Top Pick could already be booked!
  • Choose quickly – making a decision too quickly, without adequately looking through the facts and insuring your personalities mesh well, could leave you with loads of stress.
  • Overlook Reviews – take the time to read through real, honest reviews from past clients. Be sure to check WeddingWire reviews, of course!:)

Happy Planning!




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