Your Planning Timeline – Do’s and Don’ts

By Lori Solomon | April 6, 2017

The first thing we do with our brides is create their own custom timeline – specific to their date, location, and vision. We can’t stress enough how important a timeline is in the planning process. WeddingWire has created this super helpful “Wedding Vendor Timeline” and we just had to share it with everyone! Mostly because booking your […]

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The Morning of Your Wedding

By Lori Solomon | March 14, 2017

The morning of your wedding really kick starts all of the fun for the day! We wanted to quickly share a few things that often go forgotten that morning! Food & Drinks! – Although it may seem obvious, we’ve all been in those weddings when we haven’t had even a THING to eat until dinner […]

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Why Your Vendors Say No

By Lori Solomon | March 1, 2017

We have a lot of clients with a big vision! And we love this, however, some details aren’t always completely realistic for one reason or another. We, or other vendors sometimes have to be the bearer of bad news.  A good planner will always give you candid advice that will lay the path for a calm, relaxed and […]

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Behind the Scenes

By Lori Solomon | September 28, 2016

As we are in our busiest time of the year – we want to share 3 things that our brides, grooms, and all clients may not know we do behind the scenes on an event day.  There is a misunderstood perception of what our jobs entail, but there is so much that happens in the background […]

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