The Morning of Your Wedding

The morning of your wedding really kick starts all of the fun for the day! We wanted to quickly share a few things that often go forgotten that morning!

  • Food & Drinks! – Although it may seem obvious, we’ve all been in those weddings when we haven’t had even a THING to eat until dinner that evening. So, treat your girls/guys with some snacks or a light brunch for everyone to grab at their leisure!
  • Music! – There’s nothing worse than walking into a silent room. The best way to relax with your friends, and avoid the potential stressers of the day, is to play your favorite tunes! Beyonce Pandora radio is always a good choice, if you ask me. ┬áDon’t forget to pack the Bluetooth speakers for fab sound!
  • Fun Photos! – Often we hear that photos the morning-of aren’t crazy important to our brides, but we think they should be! It’s so fun to look back at your group of friends/family laughing, and being silly (i.e. jumping on the bed – we’ve seen it and love it). Also, don’t forget a little “style bag” for your photographer – to include: an invitation suite, your accessories, shoes, perfume, all the fun things! You’ll love these cute, styled photos!
Photo by Jennifer Driscoll
Photo by Jennifer Driscoll

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Lori Solomon