Why Your Vendors Say No

We have a lot of clients with a big vision! And we love this, however, some details aren’t always completely realistic for one reason or another. We, or other vendors sometimes have to be the bearer of bad news.  A good planner will always give you candid advice that will lay the path for a calm, relaxed and fun wedding day.

Photo by The Siners
Photo by The Siners

We wanted to break down a few reasons why your vendors might not say “yes” or be enthusiastic to accept certain requests:

  • Logistics – Because your team of professional vendors have years of experience, we may have insight as to why something might not work the way you are hoping. We will however have plenty of advice as to how to pull off exactly what you are thinking – using a different route of execution!
  • Timing – There are only so many hours in a day. Plus, we don’t want anyone to be stressed out on wedding day and timing plays a huge role in that. We (or the photographer/videographer in this case) may not be able to fit everything in – but, we will listen to you to figure out what is the most important and be sure those pieces are included!
  • Pricing – Something you see online is likely a staged shoot that has edited lighting and coloring and unrealistic elements for a real wedding or event. We love our brides to browse these for inspiration – but it should be for exactly that – inspiration. It’s our job to hit the ground running with that inspiration and give you options that are not only in your budget, but also available to get in your local area.

It’s also our jobs to come up with other fantastic ideas that still pull off everything you are envisioning – that’s why you have a great team of people in place! We are all there to make sure our clients have the VERY best time and the most flawless day possible!

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