Why NYC?!

  • It has always been a goal of mine to build my business around the idea that we would eventually work with clients in both Indy and NYC.  The time has come to begin the process of putting the building blocks in place, just as we have done in Indy, to do this.  Over the next 2-3 years, we will work on our marketing, branding and networking in the tri-state area and couldn’t be more excited to get going on this!
  • My husband and I lived in the city immediately after we married in 2008.  When we moved back in 2010, I think we always knew we would be back.  We have talked and dreamed about raising our babies there.  This gives us the opportunity to do this in a way that allows flexibility and easier travel back to Indy to be with family.  Will it all work out just as perfect as I think?  Probably not – but that is what life is all about.
  • New York and the surrounding areas host a world of ideas that our Indy clients may have not explored.  In turn, our midwestern clientele is full of inspiration for city brides and grooms.  We truly believe that working in both worlds will keep us rounded and full of knowledge and expertise, adding value to our overall business and customer service.  This is the gut reason why we have extended outward to include planning services on the east coast.


One more thing….as I am getting this question a lot, lately….no, I am not moving today or even this year.  But, as time goes on, we do see a future BCE office in Manhattan.  Whether I am occupying that or one of our best planners is handling things, this is in the cards for our tiny little company.  I will make it happen.



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Lori Solomon